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Solar Power – Home Power

Solar Power – Home Power

There are many kinds of solar energy systems. They include systems for home, industrial and commercial use. It is surprising that we still don’t have energy supplies sufficient for all our energy needs for all uses in the United States. This is one of the reasons we are having to import a surplus from other countries.

In the beginning we got a lot of it from the bare ground. It was called ground produced energy and it started coming on stream in the 1950’s. By then we figured out how to store it in batteries so we could use it when the sun went down.

Solar is not the only form of renewable energy. There is wind power and geothermal. But solar power has to date cost less for each unit of energy produced. We are getting a little better efficiency at converting solar energy to electric. That is not happening fast enough to keep up with demand.

With the latest innovations in design and efficiency it is possible to make home solar power system for under $1000. For under $1000 you can be off the grid. I hope you will consider this when you are ready to build your own home solar power system.

It will give you the freedom to be completely off the grid. If your grid goes down you will still have your solar system that is built into your house. It is very quiet. The inverter does not make a noise and no electricity is lost. It has enough power to run your house and whatever else you want to put in it. It is capable of running some electric appliances like some refrigerators and freezers and some small light bulbs and some televisions and some computer and network routers and some other small appliances.

There is enough power from the solar system to take care of all your electrical needs for many years. I hope you will consider this when you build your solar power system. I think that it is a very smart idea. We just don’t have enough solar power any more.

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