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Going Solar – Reducing our Billions in Electricity Bills

Going Solar – Reducing our Billions in Electricity Bills

A high quality solar air heating system can dramatically reduce your electricity bill. The solar panels are the most expensive component of your system but the main reason for your continued existence. They collect sunlight in order to operate and convert it to heat. You will probably never find anyone who knows more about solar air heating than yourself. In this article we will cover the many benefits of solar air heating and its history.

Solar air heating is probably one of the first things that come to mind when you think of solar energy. The ancient Greeks and Romans also used solar energy in many of their homes. In fact the Greeks and Romans used it so much that it became the official governmental energy source of the Roman Empire. Even today in most countries in Europe and the world solar energy systems are standard equipment in every home and business.

The popularity of solar energy systems is a direct result of the discovery of solar energy. To use the average modern US electricity bill we can assume that the market reached saturation in 1985 and that the solar energy market reached saturation in 1995.

What causes solar energy systems to reach saturation?

1. Many homeowners discovered that solar power systems could reduce their electricity bills by up to 50%. That is a dramatic reduction in a home or business electricity bill! But that is only the beginning of the reduction in the bill.

2. Even after the bill is reduced the homeowners and businesses are concerned about maintenance. Many are unwilling to part with their solar systems until their bill is reduced to zero. That is why many homeowners and businesses continue to install solar systems after their bill is reduced to zero.

3. Many homeowners and businesses discovered that solar systems could fit their budgets. Many solar systems are much smaller than the average utility grid-connected system and many are powered by an off grid or grid emulating system. They are very light and efficient.

4. Many homes and businesses have already decided to install solar systems. That means that even if a bill was reduced by only 50%, solar systems would still be more cost effective than grid electricity.

5. Some homeowners and businesses decide to install two or more solar systems on a system they already own. This increases the system’s value and reduces installation costs. That means that even if a bill is reduced by only 50%, the additional systems will still be more cost effective than grid electricity.

6. The history of solar energy may suggest that solar energy systems would reach saturation in the future. But that may not be the case. If new products arrive that reduce installation costs by more than 50% many homeowners will decide to wait for those products. That will allow them to save money on solar energy systems and their bill will be reduced further by those new lower cost products. That will allow more homeowners to reach saturation point and install new products. The product will reduce their bill further still and so on. That will provide many more opportunities for a system to save their money and reduce their bill. As a result, the bill will keep reducing and that will provide more incentive to keep using the product. So as a nation, we may be approaching the point where there will be more savings from our already lower electricity bills. That will increase our motivation to use solar energy systems. That will provide a greater number of people with an opportunity to reduce their bills by using solar energy.

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