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Fuel Efficiency – Is It Actually Wrong to Want to Save Money?

Fuel Efficiency – Is It Actually Wrong to Want to Save Money?

The term “Going Green” has been used to represent many different things and it’s easy to get lost in all the “green” jargon. Let’s take a look at what “Going Green” really means and what it really isn’t.

Going Green Can’t be All Green

If we really want to get down to the roots of the concept, then we have to realize that “Going Green” can’t be all green.

There are plenty of things we still have to do that involve some kind of use of fossil fuels, nuclear energy or those chemical combinations that give us all the clean air we need. There are lots of goods we still have to get from other parts of the world that require a base in fossil fuels. And there are lots of ways we still can and do waste lots of resources without even realising it. All told there are still lots of things we don’t really need to do and lots we still do. It’s not all green and healthy just because we want to be.

We Can’t Just Stop Using Fossil Fuels

“Going Green” can’t be all green just because we’ve switched to more efficient bulbs, replaced all our CFL light bulbs with LEDs and stopped eating meat. If you truly are committed to going green you’ll find other ways to save and use resources, even when you don’t use any fossil fuels. You’ll just need to adjust your habits a bit. The important thing is that you are determined to do what you can to reduce your carbon footprint and you’ll find other ways to do it, no matter what the fuel or resource you use. You’ll just need to find more energy efficient ways of doing it, for example by using refrigerators more often and at higher settings, while you continue to buy appliances that have smaller ratings. You’ll want to start out with small changes, as each one can add up over time. So rather than buying big SUVs or Jeeps, start out with a small car, an electric scooter or a fuel efficient van. If you can afford it, buy a hybrid.

Saving Fuel Can Help You Save Energy

But if you’ve got to have a SUV or a Jeep, why not choose a fuel efficient vehicle that saves lots of energy, saves lots of miles per gallon, and gives you great gas mileage? If you really want to go green and save fuel, then go ahead and get a hybrid.

Some people want to go green to help the environment, some want to go green because they like the lifestyle, and some want to go green because they think it will make them rich. Whatever your motivation, you can’t help but be moved to protect our natural resources. Even if you can afford to drive your SUV or Jeep off a lot of lawns in the coming months, you’ll still be moved to protect our natural resources. If you truly believe that burning fossil fuels are destroying our natural resources, then you’ll want to switch to clean, renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric or biomass power.

In other words, by switching to more energy efficient ways of getting around, you’ll help the environment, help your wallet, help your odometer, help the planet, and help your conscience.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with wanting to save money. But, that doesn’t justify using deception, fraud and other forms of abuse to deprive yourself of miles and reduce your fuel efficiency.

So stop it.

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