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Can We Generate Alternative Power?

Can We Generate Alternative Power?

A lot of people are talking about going green and finding alternatives to modern electrical products. You know, the big issue of global warming and the rest of the commotion. Perhaps you have even considered getting an alternative power supply.

We are going to focus on a few topics that relate to the one we are talking about, going green.

A Review of Modern Electric Products

A lot of appliances we use are based on technology from the 50s and 60s. I guess we are just really tired of electricity from fossil fuels any more. Now we need energy from something else. Hydrogen seems to be the answer, but we still need batteries for endurance. And even if we get rid of batteries, if we carry around batteries we will still need power inverters. Perhaps an interesting look at the state of the grid and alternative power supplies.

Now let us talk about the alternatives. The first thing we can talk about is solar power. The beauty of solar is that it is free, it is renewable, and it is clean. You can take a bunch of solar panels and put them on your roof and generate enough power to charge your cell phones, laptop, and other appliances. In the United States the price to produce one of these panels is less than $200.00. That is the price per panel. They are not very big. One or two panels will suffice to power a small house. That would be the beauty. We just need to generate enough power to power all our appliances without buying more panels. If we just keep generating power at this price point we could continue to sell it to the grid.

We could buy more panels if we needed more power. The cost of producing panels is coming down. I was talking to one of the solar people last week and he said he heard that the price to produce a solar panel may drop to around $150.00 now. I am not sure I buy that.

The second thing we can talk about is wind power. We all know about wind turbines. They are the ones on wind farms. It is the power they generate that is renewable. The cost to generate one of these is coming down. It is something in the $100.00 range now.

The third is wave power. It is in the $50.00 range now to generate one of these.

Perhaps, we should all get together and talk about alternative power supplies. There is not a lot of money in solar and wind. We all need to generate energy. This is not just for the winter.

That is why it is important to get together and talk about it. If we have a plan to generate alternative power we will not have to buy it from the grid. We can sell it to the grid if we so desire.

There is money to be made here. But it’s not from the government. It’s from us. There is money to be made by being a good citizen.

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