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When Jesus Came to Town

When Jesus Came to Town

Do you believe you are saved by faith alone?

I want to talk to you about this now, before the sun goes down here in America and in many other parts of the world. I want you to see these words right now, ‘faith alone’ and to recognize them for the lies they are.

The word ‘alone’ is from the Greek ‘apoluo’ or ‘apoluos’ and it means ‘on its own’. It is a word that means ‘on its own status’, it is a word that means ‘alone’. When Jesus said ‘let us say grace’, this is what He meant. He meant, let us not say the prayer known as ‘Our Father’, but rather a prayer that we know is there, but we do not perform.

Jesus used this word ‘alone’ when He said, “Give us this day our daily bread”. And, He also used it when He said, “do not leave us orphans, but come to our aid”. He knew that we were on our own, and He wanted us to know that. “If anyone would come after me, he would find himself alone”. I John 4:19

Jesus said all the things that we have heard told to us about faith. The difference is that He didn’t use the words ‘faith’ or ‘belief’ because He didn’t need them. He knew the difference between things that are real and things that are not, and He knew that it is our own need to produce it, that drives us to Him. And so we become as we are. In other words, when we understand that our need is the real need, and not the need of another, then our faith becomes authentic, and our faith becomes real.

Let us take one example, what faith would you need to be able to say, “I believe in God”. There is no faith that would suffice to say that, because there is no faith that is strong enough to make the claim. It is not enough to say, I believe in God; I believe in His Son Jesus; I believe that God raised Him from the dead; I believe that Jesus will die for me and carry my sins for me. Faith does not make that claim, faith is not real.

> ‘Faith’ or any other human belief, is not a thing; it is a person, a way of thinking.
> ‘Faith’ is a way of viewing the world that is not based on the evidence, but by reference to a person, a person whose presence produces hope, who can be depended on to provide what is needed.

Real faith does not need that evidence, real faith is not based on beliefs that are not supported by the evidence, real faith cannot claim that its claims are based on evidence when the lack of evidence is the foundation and foundation of the faith. That is why Jesus said that the thief comes only to steal and kill, and to destroy what belongs to others, but whoever listens to Him is safe and will never suffer loss. But whoever listens to evil comes to sorrow and starvation.

Then He said, “He who trusts in Him also comes to glory!” (John 12:25)

Jesus did not say ‘faith’ because it was a belief system; He said, ‘faith’ because it was a way of viewing the world and seeing God in things that the evidence does not support. He said, ‘trust’ because it was a relationship of equals, a relationship of two parties who have equal standing, equal claim to the world, and equal obligations to take ownership of it and use it for their own good.

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Copyright 2007, by Frank King. All rights reserved.

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