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What is a Spirit?

What is a Spirit?

le we will focus on the first and we will begin from the simple things. It is the simplest things that can give you the biggest impact. Things like eating fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding trans fats, getting them from grass-fed beef and pastured eggs, or making your own dairy products. Doing these small things can help you in a great way.

So, you want to be healthy, but you don’t know how to eat. Good thing you don’t have to worry about that because you can find out how to eat and we’ll cover that too. However, you also need to work on your mental attitude because that will determine the way you act and you will either have a healthy or unhealthy mental attitude. And yes you can have a healthy mental attitude and an unhealthy one.

You need to work on your spirit so that your spirit will want to do what is right all the time and your body will want to do what is wrong all the time. The same applies to your spirit and your body. Now, I’ve mentioned that before but it bears repeating because it can be hard to have an unhealthy spirit and an unhealthy body.

So, what is a healthy spirit? It is one that is loving and of peace and a healthy body. I can explain why this is so but that’s the short version.

A long version of that is that the reason the Holy Spirit can be life giving to you is because your spirit is not being attacked by sin. When you sin, your body is attacked, but not your spirit. So the longer version is that your spirit is a gift from God and your spirit is a gift from God not to be messed with.

You will need to put your mind in order and be at peace because, if you are in order, your mind will fight your spirit, and vice versa. You need to be at peace so that your spirit can flow without interruption and your mind can function without interruption. You need to be at peace because, if you are in order, you will tend to your body, but if you are not in order you will tend to your spirit.

I’ll try to explain this in another article.

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