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Taking Control Over Our Mind

Taking Control Over Our Mind

How to Use Yoga to Relax. Stress Management. Stress Management tools are so numerous today, and there is a popular view that you must become a master of stress management to succeed in business. That is not true. To succeed in business, a lot of it, we learn from experience, you need to learn to manage stress.

There is another perspective about managing stress. People who have stress manage their stress through action and observation. The body’s natural reaction to stress is to slow down the heart rate, slow down the breathing, and to engage the brain. Some people look at stress management like a chess game. They get nervous and the chess pieces move around. It takes time for the chess pieces to move. So you need to see the stress in the world and take action to tame it. A lot of people look at this and say, “You are just looking for an excuse to avoid doing something.” Yes, we are, but there is so much stress in our world that this is our problem, and it is time we took responsibility for it.

What’s the solution? Take the time for immediate assessment to develop a plan. This plan needs to be executed. The action is the process of making the plan happen. Once you start taking action you relax. The idea is that by relaxing, you allow the unconscious to take over and automatically trigger the stress management response.

Action is the plan, but it is much more than a plan. It is a method, a methodology, a system that will allow you to take action in the moment, to take charge of your lives and the lives of others.

Here is a concrete example:

* The first step is to learn the signs and symptoms of stress. Learning the signs and symptoms takes time. It is best to learn these by participating in group discussions, by studying the signs and symptoms in movies, books, newspapers, magazines, and so forth. Learning the symptoms takes focus, because these signs and symptoms are universal. There are many forms of this stress symptom but most are physical. The symptoms are caused by nervous energy, by the nervous system. It causes an imbalance of power, like hunger causing overeating. This imbalance of power is the most common stress symptom. The source of this imbalance of power is the nervous energy. The source of the nervous energy is the thought forms that create the thought forms, which cause the symptoms. We can learn the source of the thought forms from the signs and symptoms.

* This knowledge is helpful in understanding the source of our problems. For example, if we sense that we are in a powerful relationship and it is causing us problems, we can try to maintain control over the relationship. We can learn to avoid the use of power to cause problems. This takes time, as we have to change the habits of the mind. A simple change to our eating habits, for example, is an example of this.

* The second step in taking control over the source of our problems is to learn to identify and neutralize the source of the thought forms. This involves a change in the way we think and feel, which eventually affects our body.

The process of neutralizing and changing our thought forms takes time, and we do not realize how much time we are wasting. The less thought forms we have the less power we give to our mind to create thoughts and to cause problems. The less power we give to our mind, the easier it is to take control over the source of our problems.

Identifying the source of our problem is not easy. There is much in the thought forms we have that is neutral, such as ideas about relationships. As we identify the problems of our thought forms, we neutralize them and free ourselves from them. This requires commitment, but the benefits are great, and the process is the same regardless of the source of our problem.

Finally, we take control over our mind and take responsibility for the source of our problems, we take responsibility for the results of our thoughts and actions. This is the most important of the steps. We take control over our mind and take responsibility for the results of our thoughts and actions. This is the solution to taking control over our mind, and taking responsibility for our life.

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