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Real World Green Projects – PLANET IX

Real World Green Projects – PLANET IX

Green Projects

We are all aware of how unsustainable our current way of life is. The developers of PLANET IX have decided to play their part in improving this – and they are including you, the player. Through renewable projects and investment PLANET IX aims to help our planet achieve future positive impact.

We are kicking this off with collaborations with tree planting foundations to help fight our CO2 footprint – with many more such collaborations in the pipeline. Exclusive game features will also be unlocked along the way of Planet IX depending on challenges you complete in the game. When you collect PIX clusters to achieve control of certain areas in the game you eventually will get the opportunity to exchange your PIX to NFTs.

These NFTs which are real world assets will be granting you quarterly rewards, that you can for instance choose to keep investing in a greener planet or withdraw to your personal account. By playing-to-earn through green projects you are not only playing a satisfying strategy game but also helping to contribute to a better global ecosystem.

The coming years will include great opportunities for our community to suggest investments in your local renewable projects which lie closer to your heart. If you know of a great initiative or innovative renewable energy company that needs funding- join the task force and start making an investment proposal in the Planet IX Renewable DAO located in the discord group.

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