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Josephine Skriver Bra of the Day

Josephine Skriver Bra of the Day

Nashville based test tube baby who was genetically modified long before it was TRENDY…if anything she was potentially a science experiment paid for by some NGOs or whatever, but what the fuck do I know about 1990s genetic science…cloning…etc…I mean that’s all sci/fi right? They’ve just had the technology to make an embryo hot…designer babies…what a concept…from a very weird fucking place…what could go wrong?

Apparently, nothing…NOTHING can go wrong…she doesn’t have any weird shit on her physical self, doesn’t mean weird cancers aren’t brewing, but maybe her biologist dad’s funding involved some anti-aging modifications, maybe Skriver will LIVE to be 300 and continue to be the Honeypot proving just how good trans humanism is….

She’s got her tits out, because they equipped her with good tits and I am a fan of hot chicks, no matter how they get there, so long as they are hot…I mean far more interesting, even though less subservient than a standard sex doll, just WAY more fucking expensive because you need to hire the scientists, the family to raise her cuz if you raise her yourself, that’s just fucking weird, but if you’re rich, why the fuck wouldn’t you make your sugar baby as perfect as you can…

Not that she’s a sugar baby, she’s probably the one who pays the way for her man, but I know nothing about these people, I just look at their tits and really that’s enough for me…


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