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Impressive Dog Story Concerning a Recovery on an Oil Well

Impressive Dog Story Concerning a Recovery on an Oil Well

Oil rig workers were surprised to locate a pet dog in the water. This took place in 2019. The oil well was 220 kilometers off the shore of Thailand.

This charming puppy managed to swim to the system, where he clung seriously to the base.

The team constructed a primary leash as well as practiced for 15 mins prior to getting it around the animal’s neck.


They had the ability to drag it to safety and security.

The canine was dried out, rejuvenated with water as well as meat, and was additionally provided an adorable flower garland to put on.

The crew participants also provided him some kennel and called him Boonrod.

In Thailand, this term is made use of for survivors that have excellent karma.

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As soon as Boonrod was brought onto land, the veterinarians declared the canine to be healthy as well as housed him at a pet rescue team.

Among the oil well workers, Vitisak Payalaw, stated he would certainly adopt Boonrod if no person used him a long-term house.

It is uncertain exactly how the canine ended up this much from the shore, yet he most likely diminished an angling vessel.

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