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How To Make Your Advertising More Effective

How To Make Your Advertising More Effective

Get started with online video advertising campaigns today. A new study finds that consumers see interactive, mobile video advertising as the future, and trust such ads much more than any other type.

The survey, conducted by the online ad company Bully Pulpit Interactive, found that consumers view interactive ads as the most honest type of ad. Interactive ads are viewed as more trustworthy than other kinds, including text ads and display ads, for a total of 52% of the respondents said that they trusted interactive ads the most, compared with 27% for display ads and 26% for text ads.

These results are consistent with other recent studies that have shown that trust in the media is decreasing, and as many as half of all users of the internet do not think that the ads they see online are displayed honestly.

Interactive ads can help with customer acquisition

This latest study is interesting, because it shows that even a relatively simple method of getting people to take notice of your business is more trusted than other methods. Bully Pulpit Interactive’s Mike McFarland said the answers to the survey reflect his own company’s experience.

“We started a new business out of state, and had never done any online advertising. We had a lot of growing to do, so we decided to do a small test using some interactive ads we had put up for the old business. It worked, and we are going to continue doing it. We never imagined that it would be the most effective form of advertising we have ever done, getting 7X the leads than traditional advertising alone. The response was off the charts, and 100 times more than what we had expected. So we put an Interactive ad up on another website, and we got 200 times more leads than we expected, and 1,000 times more than we expected. The real kicker came when we put it up on another social networking site and got 3,000 times more leads than expected, and even 5,000 times more than expected. Clearly, we have hit the nail on the head, as far as online marketing, the more you promote it, the more you get in return.”

If you use these insights with a simple, one-page website, then your website will get the views that you should be getting from paid advertising. But I digress.

The findings from the research were not all that surprising. This is what I said in my last article, because I wrote that article right after seeing a very interesting study. The findings are only surprising because it shows that the one-page website is, indeed, highly effective. Now we are going to look at another surprising finding.

The surprising result is that,

“Advertising a $500,000 business, online, can be profitable.”

To say the least, I was skeptical. I knew that, but I didn’t know that it could be so profitable. I also had no idea how long it would take, how much it would cost, or what it would look like.

After conducting the research I put the $500,000 business into a separate bank account (we are talking tens of thousands of dollars here). I then put the $500,000 business into an escrow account so that I could observe the results. When the escrow cleared, I could liquidate the business.

“Profit” from a $500,000 business might not sound like a lot of money, but it is enough to get you started in business. But the $500,000 business would not be profitable unless I saw a substantial increase in sales. If I didn’t see a substantial increase in sales, then the business would never see a tidy profit. But I was also not going to do the work to get the results that I saw. That would make me a miser. So I put the $500,000 business into a “shadow account.”

The shadow account “informs” the checking account daily about the sales results from the $500,000 business. That is, it tells me about the sales results from the $500,000 business. It does not actually buy any products or services from me. All of the communication is done from the shadow account. It does this by sending me monthly reports which show me how much money I made or lost by selling certain product categories to my shadow account. How did I know that certain categories sold well? It was because I read my shadow account reports.

If I did not read my shadow account report, I would never know that these products sold well.

I can have the reports or I can have the reports and copies. It does not really matter. What does matter is that I know that the reports are being sent from the shadow account. And that makes me a rich man. If I was making a loss, I would not be a very happy man. But if I was making a tidy profit, I would be very happy.

The shadow account reports are very important to the business. If I stopped receiving the reports, I would lose my “hope for the future.”

The “accountability” report will show me how much I can give to my shadow account each month. It tells me how much I have to give to the shadow account each month. It says, “I promise to send you our future reports until we reach our goal.” So I will keep sending monthly reports until we have our goal. The shadow account gets its goal by measuring the effectiveness of my advertising. “The effectiveness report will show me which parts of my advertising work and which parts do not work.” If I stop sending reports, I stop receiving my reports.

The reports have been sent to the account that I used to use for my advertising. That account is now the shadow account. Therefore, the reports from that account are also the reports from the $500,000 business. The $500,000 business makes its money by sending reports to the shadow account. Since I stopped receiving reports from my shadow account, I stopped receiving my $500,000 business.

So then, what am I to do? I have stopped receiving reports from my shadow account. I have stopped sending reports to that account. Therefore, there is now only one account left. It is the $500,000 business. There is only one report that I am receiving, one report that I am sending, and one account that I am using. I have to move all of those to the new shadow account. There’s no point in keeping $500,000 advertising in the old account. I can either keep the $500,000 in the old account, or transfer the entire $500,000 advertising to the new account. Now, how would I go about transferring it?

You can transfer a bunch of files using a batch file. It’s very easy to put together. I would just transfer the reporting files that tell you the sales numbers. Sales reports provide you the sales data for your products. You will see huge increases in revenue after implementing this marketing technique. It’s not rocket science. Just take all of the files for your product and upload it to your new shadow account.

This is just one quick and easy way to do it. There are lots of others. Try them all out and discover what works best for you. The more you use the reporting file manager, the better it is for you.

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