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How To Build Muscle Without Going To the Gym

How To Build Muscle Without Going To the Gym

Tips to help you build muscle mass. How to build muscle with exercise. How to build muscle without going to the gym.

So many people that go to the gym do it incorrectly or not at all. It’s funny because we want to lose body fat and become lean and ripped so people look like a movie star. So the next time you go to the gym, try to do the things that other people are doing.

– Workout your entire body. If you are only doing lower body then I advise that you do the whole body workout. This will work the big muscle groups. The whole body workout is by far the best way to build muscle and achieve your goal.

– Don’t work out for too long. Short term gains and long term health benefits. If you are working out for hours per week then your body is going to burn muscle. You won’t get the best results for your money spent. Give your body 48 hours to recover from a workout.

– Use compound movements. I can’t give you examples of these because there are so many out there. So just google search compound exercises and you will get thousands and thousands of examples. But a few examples to use in your workouts are squats, bench presses, dead lifts, rows, shoulder presses, and pull ups, and dips. Again the best thing to do is search the internet for example these exercises.

– Use free weights. If you are training with machines then I advise you to go back to free weights. If you are training for strength then go for the big movements. Remember the main thing to do is research. Again you will get results if you search and look for a solution. If you just get results then you probably will be stuck doing the same exercises over and over and see the same results.

These are the simple tips that I’ve tried and seen work. Always have a plan and follow a few of these basic tips. Simple is GOOD.

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