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Green Products: The Rewards of Going Green

Green Products: The Rewards of Going Green

say I’m any more compassionate than the next guy. I certainly don’t think the planet is my personal ATM. My point is that I’m sick and tired of the endless parade of greenies using the environment as a pawn in their political games, a set of issues to be traded and bargained away. There’s no need to get so petty.

Now I’m not naive. Even if I won the argument on energy policy, I’m still gonna want to keep some of the money I save. I won’t be able to pass it on to you. That’s the key. That’s the key to making money on green energy. And that’s what I’m gonna try to do.

The next day, I called my bank and cashed the check. The teller asked what I wanted to use the money for. I told her I wanted to get a green energy car. The teller asked if I wanted it now, this month, or later? I told her I wanted it now. And I don’t believe she had any idea how long it took.

I called the dealership and explained I wanted a green energy car. They said they didn’t have any in stock but that they might have one at the grocery store. I said no thank you, I want it now. I didn’t believe them and went home and called the grocery store and they said they didn’t have any either. They had about $400 left. I told my wife I’d buy one. We needed a $400 entertainment system so I went out and bought the DVD player and the Blu Ray player and some cables and some speakers and a hard drive and some batteries. The next day, we walked into the dealership and the guy had to tell me how much it was.

And I thought, well that’s easy, I can do that. The hard part is coming up with $400. But I had an idea. I think I have a way to make money on my desire.

“How about a contest? You sell the green energy car, I’ll give you $40.”

> The audience cheers

> I say okay, how about a drawing? Each person who buys the green energy car gets a ticket. They must bring their car to the nearest gas station and they get one. The person who brings the car who brought the most after the contest is declared wins.

What a nice story! How about a drawing? Maybe some kids can come up with a design and I can get the parts and put them in my house and sell them. I’ll get a commission. I can sell the parts and pay the bill. I have the money.

It’s a no brainer. I’ll go to the gas station. I’ll sell the energy it produces. I’ll sell the ticket. That will bring in $40. I’ll make a little extra. I’ll get a check for $40. Even the guy working the counter will get a check for $40. This is easy money. The guy who sells me the most tickets wins.

It’s like getting a tax break on something that you are already doing. How about a tax incentive?

It’s not like I’m suggesting that there aren’t some barriers to entry here. The first hurdle is the car you will be buying. I’m just describing a typical entry price. A lot of people will not buy a green car. They will buy a green car, then later regret it when they realize how much energy is being used to get it to them. They will get angry when they realize how much they paid for the environmentally unfriendly part.

There has to be a middle ground. Something that is green but is affordable for the average person. Something that will be green at the entry price but affordable for the average person to take advantage of the rewards of being green. There has to be a way to make this happen.

Maybe the government gives us a tax break on the gas we use when we drive our hybrid cars or our electric car. It’s not quite that simple. But, maybe they could tax us for not driving the gas guzzlers. Maybe this could be used as an alternative to traffic tickets. If a person drives the gas guzzler when they shouldn’t, they could get a traffic ticket. If they do that, they might start to consider switching to a hybrid car.

This is how I see the battle playing out. We are still buying fossil fuel. We are still buying the trucks, cars and SUVs that are putting out more pollution than we could ever imagine. This is how the battle will be fought. But, it is a lost battle if we don’t start designing our lifestyles and our technologies to take advantage of the rewards of not being fossil fuel and being green.

The rewards of being green are huge. It will save us money. It will save our planet. It will allow us to have better health. It will make us more energetic and happier. And, it could make us wiser and more creative.

If you’d like to take advantage of the rewards of being green, get your hybrid car up to snuff. Use the rebate and tax break. Get yourself a rebate on your vehicle registration fee. Drive courteously. Be responsible. Be a smart consumer. Buy only from the farmer’s market or your local grocery store. Start shopping for organic fruits and vegetables. Make a point to buy organic grains, poultry and beeswax candles. Join your local church. Join your city’s environmental group. Be the green consumer. Become a conscientious shopper. Use green resources when you can. Be sure to re-use plastic bags and bags of all kinds. Use cloth napkins and washable utensils. Buy recycled glassware. Buy green energy certificates. Use a cover deposit to build a fund for the future. Vote for green candidates. Be sure to register your green-minded friends and neighbors to vote.

There is so much more that you can do to become aware of and to contribute to the green revolution. It is not difficult. In fact, it is quite simple. When you’re done here, get started.

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