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Fuel Conservation

Fuel Conservation

Are you sick of hearing about the environment and climate change? Do you find it difficult to follow all the hype about cars, food and technology? Then you will be interested in learning what it means to be green.

In its simplest definition “going green” means to take into account the health and safety of the environment when making a choice. This is quite an ambitious task as is evidenced by the fact that our surroundings have been able to sustain us since we came into this world. It is not enough to just understand the importance of the environment and its well-being as being a global concern. We must put our own well-being into perspective.

Let us see how this is done. To understand the reality of global warming, consider the weather. The world is warming, warming because of the greenhouse gases that we emit into the atmosphere, and the weather is warming because of this. The simple solution is to take out all the greenhouse gases that we have put into the atmosphere, including the gases that are already in the atmosphere. Yet there are billions of tons of greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere. The solution is to stop the use of all the gases that are already in the atmosphere and convert all the gases that we use into less harmful gases. This would be a Herculean task. How could we convert the gases that we already use into less harmful gases? We can’t, and so the weather will continue to warm. So to get there we would have to stop using almost all the fuels that we use, which is impossible. The only way to get there would be to stop using some fuels and convert the remaining fuels to other fuels that do not cause the same global warming. There is still the problem of how to get from here to there, and here the solution lies in things that we already use. Why don’t we just buy used cars? Many used cars are energy efficient and pollution free, and these would be cheaper than building new cars. Yet this would only go so far. While many used cars are efficient they are also heavy and large and there is still the problem of how to get them to the curb, parking and loading. So the next idea would be to convert the many cars already in use to run on clean fuels. This is what the next idea is.

What if we did the conversion ourselves? In many cities there are already people who are doing just that. The basic idea is to convert the many cars already in use to run on clean fuels. Most of the conversion comes from adding gas-electric hybrid technology. Gas-electric hybrids are one of the hottest topics of the day as people search for alternative sources of energy. This technology runs on compressed air. It has two batteries, the primary battery stores the electricity and the auxiliary battery is used for braking and acceleration. The electricity is stored in the hybrid in a grid fashion on the vehicle, and in the brake battery. There is a solar panel that generates electricity.

Some car manufactures are using a version of this technology. The BMW i series cars run on compressed air.

In the future we will see many uses for these energy efficient and pollution free cars. They will be used to supplement our current cars, commuter vehicles, and to run trains and other forms of mass transportation.

This is the next generation of energy efficient cars. Soon we will see cars that run on water and electricity, cars that can park themselves, and cars that drive themselves into a ditch. Cars that run on compressed air will even have suction cups on the roof to collect wind energy and use it to recharge the batteries. It will be interesting to see what develops.

One of the uses that this new technology will see is in space. We will eventually have cars in space. As we find better ways to produce energy, these cars will be put to use until we can produce energy from zero emission sources.

Another recent development in energy efficient cars is the hybrid. In the hybrid car, the engine is the primary source of the energy but a chemical battery powers the brakes, and in some models, also the air conditioner. The chemical battery is recharged by solar energy from the sun. In the future this technology will be used to run our vehicles at rest and at speed on the road, allowing us to reduce friction that is caused by sudden acceleration.

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