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5 Great Rules of Thumb To Gain Muscle

5 Great Rules of Thumb To Gain Muscle

5 Great Rules of Thumb To Gain Muscle

How to Build Muscle Naturally. Tips, Diet, and Workout Design.

In the world of bodybuilding and working out there are some very bad habits that most people in this industry fall into. One of the worst is getting out of bed in the morning and doing a workout routine. Many of these routines consist of eating a bunch of food to lose fat and not getting any exercise whatsoever. Well, that certainly can work but the only result is more fat and more weight gain. The only real way to get rid of fat and build muscle is by working out. The body will be forced to adapt to the stress you place on it, this leads to muscle gains. So the next time you feel like getting out of bed and going to the gym, then start out with a workout routine that will work and the diet to match.

1) Get the Body You Want. As you can see this requires a workout routine. A workout routine that is designed to burn fat and build muscle and a diet that supports both. When you walk into the gym and see a heap of sweaty people getting ready to go to work, you don’t think to yourself ‘wow, these guys look really fit’. You think to yourself ‘these guys are about to get fat’. So the first step is to get the body you want and then you can think of building muscle.

2) Eat Like a Man. Men have a higher metabolism than women and need more food to maintain it. So the rule of thumb is to eat around 5-6 meals a day. This means you eat every 3 hours. It also means you eat 20% less calories than you burn. This will put the body in a situation where it has to adapt. This can be accomplished through eating more protein. A good rule of thumb is take protein from eggs, meat, fish, pulses, milk, cheese, nuts and seeds and supplement with supplements like whey protein.

3) Train Hard and Long. Training for 20-40 mins is a good rule of thumb for beginners. The aim here is to get the body you want and then build muscle. But in the meantime, you want to get the maximum amount of performance out of the body. So for this, you want to train for between 60-120 seconds in duration. This will get the most out of your muscle fibers and you will be able to pack on strength and muscle mass.

4) Rest Hard. Another rule of thumb is to train no longer than 30 minutes per session. The aim here is to let the muscles rest and recover. You don’t want the muscles to be working the next day and then be tired and unable to do extra training on the following days.

5) Use Compound Movements. Compound movements are an ideal way to build and build quickly. You want to workout primarily on movements that will work multiple muscle groups in one movement. These will be biceps, triceps, chest, back and shoulders.

These are rules of thumb. You can train however you want. You want to make sure you stay in a caloric surplus and that you are getting enough protein. You also need to have enough recovery time. The aim is to get the most out of your muscle fibers.

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